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1. A+Click applications

  • are made for Kids age 4+.

2. A+Click applications

  • keep history of scores on user devices or on the server if you submit it yourself;
  • do not collect any information about device-related data;
  • do not require to provide your full or real name(s);
  • do not share the information about your use of the site with anybody;
  • use cookies to save the score;

  • You consent to our cookies if you use the website.

3. A+Click applications

  • do not include any advertising;
  • do not include cartoon of fantasy violence;
  • do not include any violence;
  • do not include profanity or crude humor;
  • do not include mature/suggestive themes;
  • do not include medical tratment information;
  • do not include alcohol, tobaco, or drug use or reference;
  • do not include simulated gambling;
  • do not include sexual content or nudity;
  • do not include gambling.