ID 687

Algebra  K9If

m + n + 1 x 2 x 3 = n +123,

then what is m?

ID 692

Algebra  K9Solve the following for y:
12y – 42 = 2(2y +4)

ID 696

Algebra  K9Simplify the following expression:

1001 x 502 x 1100

ID 698

Algebra  K9Solve the equation

ID 699

Algebra  K9Simplify the following expression:


ID 700

Algebra  K9Which is the best representation of the function

y = 1x + 2?

ID 701

Algebra  K9Which is the best representation of the function y = x2 – 1 ?

ID 705

Algebra  K9Identify the graph that best represents the relationship between the number of liters, N, of gasoline purchased at $1.19 a liter, and the total cost of the gasoline C.

ID 716

Algebra  K9Which two sides of the polygon ABCDE have the same slope?

ID 725

Algebra  K9Find all the points whose X-coordinates are one-third their Y-coordinates.

ID 728

Algebra  K9How many different real numbers satisfy this equation?

ID 732

Algebra  K9Find the sum of the digits of 1011 – 1

ID 737

Algebra  K9How many times larger than 105 is 510?

Find the best approximation.

ID 749

Algebra  K9Which point on the number line represents a number that has a square root greater than itself?

ID 752

Algebra  K9Find the expression that is TRUE.

ID 753

Algebra  K9Find the expression that is TRUE.

Remember, there may be more than one correct answer.

ID 754

Algebra  K9Find the expression that is INCORRECT.

ID 771

Algebra  K9Find b.

ID 1267

Algebra  K9The number in each square is obtained by adding the numbers connected to it from the row below.
For example, 3 + 5 = 8

Find the value of X.

ID 1668

Algebra  K9The girl is 10% taller than the boy.
In ten years, he will be 50% taller than he is now and the girl will be 10% smaller than the boy.

How much faster will the boy be growing than the girl during these ten years?

ID 1785

Algebra  K9Which of the following gives the smallest value?

ID 1863

Algebra  K990% of 90 girls and 80% of 110 boys have shown up in the concert hall on time.

How many children are late?

ID 1961

Algebra  K9In Morse code, each symbol is either a dot or a dash.

 What is the best estimate of the average number of symbols in the set shown at the right?

ID 2019

Algebra  K9F = (x-a)(x-b)(x-c) . . . (x-x)(x-y)(x-z)

Find F.

ID 2176

Algebra  K992% of 900 employees of a company arrive at the workplace on time on Friday.
There are 500 female employees in the company and 94% of them have arrived at the workplace this Friday on time.

What is the percentage of the men who are late?

ID 2998

Algebra  K9Simplify the following expression

5a4 x 4a3 x3a2 x 2a

ID 3005

Algebra  K9How is

(1 x 105) + (2 x 104) + (3 x 103) + (4 x 102) + (5 x 101) + (6 x 100) + (7 x 0)

written in standard form?

ID 3071

Algebra  K9Which is the best representation of the function y2 = x + 1 ?

ID 3094

Algebra  K9Which point on the number line represents a number that has a square root greater than itself?

ID 3108

Algebra  K9Solve the inequality:

33 + 44y < 55

ID 3137

Algebra  K9Find the sum of all the elements of this finite geometric sequence:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, . . . , 2048.

ID 3208

Algebra  K9How many 2-digit numbers have a tens digit that is greater than the units digit?

ID 3228

Algebra  K9Two candles are of the same height.
One burns in three hours, while the other burns in five hours.

When is one twice the height of the other?

ID 3248

Algebra  K9In Morse code, each symbol is either a dot or a dash.

 How many different sequences of 6 symbols are possible?

ID 3399

Algebra  K9You can purchase or rent a car.
The car is available at a rental fee of $250 per day (all inclusive).
Purchasing the car costs you $40,000 for the investment and $50 per day.

After how many days would the cost of renting and purchasing be equal?

ID 3400

Algebra  K9Choose the answer without using a calculator.

I multiply together the following numbers:

10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21

How many zeros are at the end of the product?

ID 3659

Algebra  K9Find n.

ID 3862

Algebra  K9A report said that for every 100 babies born in a county, there were 12 more girls than boys.

What is the highest expected number of girls in a class of 25 children?

ID 3866

Algebra  K9A grocer divides 172kg of potatoes into 5kg and 2kg bags.

If the grocer always produces twice as many small bags as big bags, how many small bags does he use?

ID 3900

Algebra  K9Which number between 40 and 50 can be expressed both as the sum of two consecutive integers and as the sum of three consecutive integers?

ID 3943

Algebra  K9It takes Jim 6 hours to paint a fence and John 4 hours to paint the same fence.

How much time will it take them to paint the fence if they both work together?

ID 3965

Algebra  K9A theater sells 150 tickets for a total of $2010.
Children's tickets are sold for half-price, $10.

How many half-price tickets were sold?

ID 4038

Algebra  K9One number is 200% greater than the other and their difference is 20.

What is the smallest number?

ID 4054

Algebra  K91000-1 + 10000 + 10001 =

ID 4137

Algebra  K9A driver's odometer reads 0515 km and the clock reads 05:15 before leaving on a trip.
At the end of the trip, the odometer reads 1505 km and the clock 15:05.

Estimate the average speed of the car.

ID 4205

Algebra  K9There is an equal number of boys and girls.
Share $10 among them so that each girl gets $1 more than each boy.

How much does each girl get?

ID 4337

Algebra  K9A tennis ball keeps on bouncing back to half of the height from which it is dropped.

Calculate the fraction of its original height that the ball will bounce after it is dropped and it has bounced five times?

ID 4438

Algebra  K9In a summer camp, the ratio of people was 11 : 12 : 15 for instructors, boys, and girls.

Calculate how many girls were there if the total number of people was 798.

ID 4496

Algebra  K9The balance is in equilibrium.

Find W.

ID 4769

Algebra  K9What is the slope of a line that passes through the points (8, 3) and (8, -4) ?

ID 4788

Algebra  K9If the sum of two numbers is 66 and their difference is 6, what is the product of the numbers?

ID 4895

Algebra  K9 If 5 is added to one-third of a number, the result is double that number.

What is the number?

ID 4915

Algebra  K9My favorite number plus 99 is 9 times less than 999.

What is 9 less than my favorite number?

ID 4928

Algebra  K9If 300 people occupy 5/7 of the seats in a concert hall, how many people would occupy 95 percent of the seats in the hall?

ID 5158

Algebra  K9Brad has as many sisters as brothers.

His sister Sue has twice as many brothers than sisters.

How many children are there in the family?

ID 5175

Algebra  K9The King of a far away land needs to adjust the temperature of the shower all by himself. The inconsiderate servant who normally performs this duty has broken his leg and is therefore unavailable. (The King has failed to realise that kicking the servant caused the servant to trip, breaking his leg because of the fall!)

The King requires a flow rate of 4 liters per minute of 40°C water to be derived from two calibrated hot and cold water taps. The cold water is at 10°C and the hot water is at 50°C. The mixing unit does not change the calibration of the taps or allow heat to be lost from the water.

What settings are required on the taps?

The problem was suggested by Leslie Green

ID 5199

Algebra  K9Positive integers a, b, c, and d are such that

a + b + c + d = 20

Find the maximum possible value of their product.

ID 5235

Algebra  K9A bottle that fully contains juice weighs 1000 grams.
The bottle with half of the juice weighs 600 grams.

What is the weight of the empty bottle?