ID 482

Algebra  K8Find the set of four positive consecutive integers such that the sum of the cubes of the first three is the cube of the fourth.

ID 588

Algebra  K8Which gives the largest answer? if p=4?

ID 589

Algebra  K8Simplify the following expression

2x + 2 + 2 x2 – x + 2 – x2 – x

ID 590

Algebra  K8Simplify the following expression

4a4 x 3a3 x 2a2 x a

ID 595

Algebra  K8Which gives the largest value of x ?

ID 597

Algebra  K8How is

(5 x 105) + (4 x 104) + (3 x 103) + (2 x 102) + (1 x 101) + (0 x 100)

written in standard form?

ID 604

Algebra  K8In the figure, a and b are positive integers.

What is the smallest possible value of a + b?

ID 632

Algebra  K8The diagram shows two sets of numbers: set A and set B.

Find the correct descriptions for sets A and B.

ID 647

Algebra  K8What whole number 'X' makes this statement true?

Remember, there may be more than one correct answer.

ID 670

Algebra  K8Which statement is INCORRECT?

ID 680

Algebra  K8Find the expression that is TRUE.

ID 681

Algebra  K8Find the expression that is INCORRECT.

ID 682

Algebra  K8Check the correct answer without using a calculator:

12345679 x 9 =

ID 1029

Algebra  K8Which gives the largest answer?

ID 1047

Algebra  K8How many 2-digit numbers have a tens digit that is smaller than the units digit?

ID 1048

Algebra  K8Find the product

ID 1365

Algebra  K8For what X is the shaded area at its maximum?

ID 1450

Algebra  K8You can purchase or rent a car.
The car is available at a rental fee of $250 per day (all inclusive).
Purchasing the car costs you $50,000 for the investment and $50 per day.

After how many days would the cost of renting and purchasing be equal?

ID 1476

Algebra  K8Choose the answer without using a calculator.

I multiply together the following numbers:

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15

How many zeros are at the end of the product?

ID 1492

Algebra  K8Two positive numbers B and E are at the same distance from 1.

Which point on the number line represents the product of the numbers B and E?

ID 1682

Algebra  K8How many steps are required to break an M x N bar of chocolate into 1 x 1 pieces?

You cannot break two or more pieces at once.

ID 1903

Algebra  K8Three large glasses of juice contain the same amount as four medium glasses.
Three medium glasses of juice contain the same amount as four small glasses.

How many small glasses contain the same amount as nine large glasses?

ID 1912

Algebra  K8Four sisters are all 2.5 years apart in age.
The total of their ages is equal to 29 years.

How old is the oldest sister?

ID 1926

Algebra  K8Find a.

ID 2070

Algebra  K8If you need 6 blocks for a 3-step staircase, how many blocks would you need for a 13-step staircase?

ID 2203

Algebra  K8A4321 is a five-digit number in which A is a digit and the number is evenly divisible by 9.

Find the value of A.

ID 2223

Algebra  K8Find the digit, that replaces the symbol Y.

ID 2976

Algebra  K8How many even integers are between (not including) even integers n and m?

ID 2997

Algebra  K8Simplify the following expression

2x + 2 + 2 x2 – x – 2 – x2 – x – x2

ID 3039

Algebra  K8What whole number 'X' makes this statement true?

ID 3063

Algebra  K8If

m + n + 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 = n +1234,

then what is m?

ID 3069

Algebra  K8Simplify the following expression:


ID 3227

Algebra  K8Anna has an average of 85 on 4 different tests.
If the lowest score is dropped, her average rises to 90.

What is her lowest score?

ID 3255

Algebra  K8What is the smallest integer that is 100 times the sum of its digits?

ID 3350

Algebra  K8A box with 80 matches weighs 60 grams.
The same box with 40 matches weights 40 grams.

Find the weight of the box.

ID 3446

Algebra  K8Each boy danced with exactly three girls and each girl danced with exactly four boys at a party.

If thirty-five students attended the party, how many boys were there?

ID 3468

Algebra  K8Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, is a standard way to send messages that contain multimedia content to and from mobile phones.

Every student in a seventh grade class sends a MMS to each of the other students in the class.
There are 210 messages.

How many students are there in the class?

ID 3675

Algebra  K8A baby is born every six hours, three deaths occur every week, and five foreigners come every month to an island.
How many people are added to the population of the island each year?

ID 3844

Algebra  K8The profit, P, a stadium makes selling X tickets can be determined by the formula

P = 12 X - 9000

If the stadium made a profit of $12 on a game, how many tickets were sold?

ID 3863

Algebra  K8A picture that measures 9 inches by 16 inches is enlarged to 4 times its area.

What are the new dimensions?

ID 3942

Algebra  K8Two numbers are such that their difference, their sum, and their product are in the ratio 1 : 3 : 8.

What are the two numbers?

ID 4063

Algebra  K8I have 1 ton of coins that are 80% gold and 20% copper.

I want to melt them down and add enough gold to make a large 90% gold coin.

How much gold should be added?

ID 4066

Algebra  K8At a business meeting, each shakes hands with 7 other people.
If there are 56 handshakes, how many people are there?

ID 4070

Algebra  K8Two consecutive positive integers have a product of 240.

What is their sum?

ID 4209

Algebra  K8A girl rides her bike 4 km in 15 minutes. How long will it take her to ride 15 km, assuming she doesn't get tired?

ID 4214

Algebra  K8If a 12-year-old boy has already lived one ninth of his life, how long does he have left to live?

ID 4216

Algebra  K8What is the average (arithmetic mean) of all the following numbers?

10, 12, 13, 17

ID 4236

Algebra  K8What is the maximum possible difference between the two-digit number and the sum of its digits?

ID 4303

Algebra  K8The difference of two positive integers is equal to their average.

What is their ratio?

ID 4440

Algebra  K8John borrows $3,000 to pay for new furniture.
He will pay back the loan by making 12 monthly payments of $333.

How much does the loan cost?

ID 4493

Algebra  K8The balance is in equilibrium.

Find W.

ID 4702

Algebra  K8If x is positive number and

x2 + 36 = 100

what is the value of x?

ID 4767

Algebra  K8What is 1.875 as a fraction in reduced form?

ID 4961

Algebra  K8Gerry walks half a distance at 4mph and runs back the other half faster.

If the total distance is 12 miles and it takes 2 hours for the entire trip, how fast does he run?

ID 4968

Algebra  K8When a glass is a quarter empty it contains 110 ml more than when it is a quarter full.

How many milliliters does the glass hold when it is full?

ID 5017

Algebra  K8The difference between a positive integer and the sum of its digits is always divisible by . . .

ID 5118

Algebra  K8Fifty-five litres of apple juice are bottled in 90 bottles.
Some of them have volumes of 0.5 litre, the others have volumes of 0.75 litre.

How many of the small bottles were used?