ID 508

Algebra  K7Which operation will change the value of any odd number?

ID 515

Algebra  K7The first terms of a sequence are shown below.

2 , 5 , 10, . . .

Which formula gives the n-th term of this sequence for all positive integers n?

ID 524

Algebra  K7Which line is the closest to point E (3 , 2.5)?

ID 543

Algebra  K7Solve for x:

ID 549

Algebra  K7Which linear equation best represents the data in the table?

ID 550

Algebra  K7The value of X is between which two integers?

ID 563

Algebra  K7How many integers are between (not including) integers n and m?

ID 1078

Algebra  K7Anna has an average of 70 on 4 different tests.
If the lowest score is dropped, her average rises to 90.

What is her lowest score?

ID 1125

Algebra  K7What is the smallest integer that is 10 times the sum of its digits?

ID 1301

Algebra  K7A box with 100 matches weighs 50 grams.
The same box with 50 matches weights 36 grams.

Find the weight of the box.

ID 1584

Algebra  K7The picture shows four consecutive operations.

Find X.

Note that the ratio symbol : is effectively used as a division operation.

ID 1608

Algebra  K7 A company organized a big dinner.
Every two employees shared a bowl of cherries, every three employees shared a bowl of apricots, and every four employees shared a bowl of red currants.

There were 65 bowls used in total.

How many employees were at the dinner?

ID 1692

Algebra  K7X is a whole number.

X + 7 is greater than 33 and

X – 7 is less than 22.

Find all the numbers that X could be.

ID 1795

Algebra  K7A 'size 4' cable is made up of 37 strands.

How many strands are needed for a 'size 5' cable?

ID 1883

Algebra  K7Each boy danced with exactly four girls and each girl danced with exactly five boys at a party.

If forty-five students attended the party, how many boys were there?

ID 2023

Algebra  K7Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, is a standard way to send messages that contain multimedia content to and from mobile phones.

Every student in a seventh grade class sends a MMS to each of the other students in the class.
There are 240 messages.

How many students are in the class?

ID 2866

Algebra  K7Which shape is closer to point (3, 0)?

Here 3 is the distance from the origin to the point along x-axis and 0 is the distance along y-axis.

ID 2870

Algebra  K7A captain sees an iceberg with a height of 80 meters above the water line.
Only one-sixth (1/6) of the iceberg is visible above the water line.

What is the total height, in meters, of the iceberg?

ID 2888

Algebra  K7Evaluate

21 22 23 = ?

ID 2964

Algebra  K7Find the best approximation for X.

ID 2996

Algebra  K7Which gives the largest answer? if p=3?

ID 3002

Algebra  K7Which gives the largest value of x ?

ID 3003

Algebra  K7Which gives the largest value of x ?

ID 3225

Algebra  K7The total fare for 3 adults and 4 children on the Funny Car trip is $35.00.

If a child's fare is half of an adult's fare, what is the adult fare?

ID 3433

Algebra  K7Which is equal to 999?

ID 3723

Algebra  K7Jim drove his car 20 miles in 25 minutes.

What was the speed of the car?

ID 3851

Algebra  K7The picture shows a roadmap with the distance between cities in miles.

If I drive at 55 miles per hour, how much time does it take to go from A to F?

ID 3867

Algebra  K7Eleven families each brought the same number of chairs to a party.
Two more chairs are needed to seat all 35 of the participants.

How many chairs did each family bring?

ID 3870

Algebra  K7The red and green shapes are two pieces that form the blue shape.

The volume of the green block is four times the volume of the red block.

What is the volume of the green block?

ID 3901

Algebra  K7How many Wednesdays are there in the month of January that starts on Monday?

ID 4106

Algebra  K7A tray can hold 112 eggs.

If there are 14 rows in a tray, how many columns are there?

ID 4230

Algebra  K7The product of 2 numbers is 48 and their sum is 14. What is the smaller number?

ID 4290

Algebra  K7If the product of 9 integers is positive, at most how many of them can be negative?

ID 4589

Algebra  K7Gerry drove a total of 360 miles in 6 hours.

How many miles did he drive in the first hour if he accelerated each hour, covering an extra 2 miles compared to the previous hour?

ID 4594

Algebra  K7A Spanish village includes 34 streets and 680 households.

Guess the number of men and boys living on a street if the average family size is 4 people.

The picture shows the village of Valldemossa, Illes Balears, Spain.

ID 4676

Algebra  K7If five and a half pavement stones weigh exactly 66kg, what is the weight of one stone?

ID 4690

Algebra  K7What is one third of eight ninths of one half of 81?

ID 4696

Algebra  K7If 6 apples cost $3.99, how many apples can you buy for $20 ?

ID 4749

Algebra  K7Two more than a number is two times the number.

What is the number?

ID 4835

Algebra  K722 + 32 + 62 = ( 2 + 3 + X)2

Find X.

ID 4842

Algebra  K7The sum of two numbers is 11 and their difference is 1.

What is the larger of the two numbers?

ID 4914

Algebra  K7My favorite number plus 7 is 77 times less than 7777.

What is 777 less than my favorite number?

ID 4958

Algebra  K7The chest with golden coins weighs 200kg.
Once the pirates pay exactly a half of the money to the government for taxes, the chest weighs 120kg.

How much does the empty chest weigh?

ID 5099

Algebra  K7At the bank, Gerry exchanged a $10 bill for an equal number of nickels, dimes, and quarters.

How many of each type of coin did Gerry receive?

Nickel = 5 cents.
Dime = 10 cents.
Quarter = 25 cents.

ID 5183

Algebra  K7Find A.