ID 2741

Practical Mathematics K5Eugenia is learning to play the piano.
She practices 45 minutes a day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
On Saturday she practices for one hour and 15 minutes.

How much time per week does Eugenia spend practicing piano?

ID 2768

Practical Mathematics K5If one apple costs 19c, how much do four apples cost?

ID 2774

Practical Mathematics K5John and his sister collect postage stamps.
He has 567 postage stamps, and his sister has 129.

How many more stamps does John have compared to his sister's collection?

ID 2826

Practical Mathematics K5Which is the best estimate of the cost of two most expensive toys?

ID 2868

Practical Mathematics K5The figure shows the diagram of a living room floor.
The walls are shaded.

What is the perimeter of the living room?

ID 3481

Practical Mathematics K5What time will the clock show in 65 minutes?

ID 3695

Practical Mathematics K5I saw a light and heard a thunderclap 12 seconds later.

Estimate the width of the lake if the sound speed was about a kilometer in three seconds.

ID 3729

Practical Mathematics K5Your dad pays you $144 a day for the 6 seconds that you take to wash your hands.
How much did you make for washing your hands?

ID 4132

Practical Mathematics K5In April a car is driven 22 miles, 23 miles, 38 miles, and 37 miles.

What is the average daily mileage in April?

ID 4138

Practical Mathematics K5A 165 R15 radial tire costs $59.95 and the Federal Excise Tax is $2.39.

What is the total cost of the tire?

ID 4299

Practical Mathematics K5At the next stop, 3 students get off while 5 get on.

If initially there were 4 students on the bus, how many people are there on the bus now?

ID 4432

Practical Mathematics K5A sign shows how much time it takes to walk from Montheron Abbey to different places.

How much more time does it take to go to Lausanne than to the closest place?

ID 4474

Practical Mathematics K5What is the speed of a ball that flies 48 meters in 8 seconds?

ID 4535

Practical Mathematics K5 Alex painted a fence.
He completed 3/4 of the work on Monday.
On Tuesday, he was tired and completed only 1/5 of the fence.

What portion of the fence did he paint the last day, on Wednesday?

ID 4604

Practical Mathematics K5Gerry gets $5 each week for his pocket money.
Jane gets double that amount.

How much did they get together in February?

ID 4772

Practical Mathematics K5Jane paid six dollars and thirty cents for 9 eggs.

How much did each egg cost in cents?

ID 4776

Practical Mathematics K5If each coin has a value of 50 centimes, how much money is there?

ID 4780

Practical Mathematics K5How many dimes are worth 22 quarters?

A quarter dollar, or quarter, is a U.S. coin worth 25 cents, and a dime is a ten-cent coin.

ID 4794

Practical Mathematics K5A mile long train travels 2 miles a minute.

How much time does it take for the train to go through a 3-mile tunnel?

ID 4821

Practical Mathematics K5There are 555 students in a school.

How many desks does the school need if two children sit at each desk?

ID 4940

Practical Mathematics K5A puzzle used to cost $49.95 but now the price is $33.45.

How much is the discount?

ID 4946

Practical Mathematics K5What is the least and the most number of fathers the girls might have?

ID 5022

Practical Mathematics K5What is the minimum number of people needed in a boat to be certain that at least two of them were born in the same day of the week?

ID 5066

Practical Mathematics K5A puppy sleeps a total of 84 hours per week of 7 days.

On average, how much does he sleep each day?