Word Problems K12Leslie Green tells a story and asks :

It has been several years since the Apocalypse, but the Zombies still seem to be everywhere. I have been caught out in the open on my own and am now surrounded by 3 hungry Zombies, intent on eating my brains. Fortunately I have 6 rounds (“bullets”) in my gun. Unfortunately the ammo is old and degraded so it only works 80% of time. Also, although my aim is excellent on a shooting range, my shots are inaccurate when I am nervous, for example when I am surrounded by Zombies! It turns out that the closer they get, the more nervous I get, so the chance of my getting a shot to their head is only 63%. (Everybody knows that only a shot to the head will kill a Zombie). I worked it out, there is roughly 50% chance that any particular round will end up killing a Zombie.

There is just enough time to fire off all 6 rounds.

What is my chance of living to fight another day?